Period after sex question

Patient: My last period was dec 2 and lasted 4 days. i had sex dec 28 and he used a condom except for 10 seconds. and he pulled out and didnt ejaculate until 5 minutes later. i started my period dec 30th and it is heavy like usual. what are the chances of me being pregnant?

Symptoms: Some nausea but i think its from mucus dripping into stomach

Doctor: Hello,If you have had sex in the last week of your menstrual cycle and which was protected with barrier contraceptive and there was no ejaculate , moreover you resume your menstrual bleeding on December 30 , then it is completely unlikely that you are pregnant. As the endometrium is shed , there is n chance of any embryonal implantation. You are pregnancy safe.I hope i have answered your query ,wishing you safe sexual practices,regards