Period and Unusual Pains

Patient: I had sex about a month ago, and I am not supposed to get my period for another 8 days or so. But I have been having pain on my left side, not very severe. I also have been feeling very bloated. Is there anything I should worry about or am I just pms’ing?

Symptoms: Bloated, nauseous, cramping and pain in left side. I am also on birth control.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If your concern is pregnancy here and you are still 8 days away from your menses then the best way to rule out pregnancy at present would be to undertake a blood serum beta hCG test which if found to be positive shall confirm pregnancy. If the levels of hCG are less than 1, pregnancy is completely ruled out and then it can be safely contemplated that the symptoms that you are experiencing are more likely to be those of premenstrual syndrome rather than pregnancy.I hope I have answered query in detail.Wishing you good health.Regards