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Period Delay from losing virginity

Patient: Hi I was wondering if a girls period could be delayed after losing her virginity? She is quite scared, she has been recently going on a no-carbs diet, and going to the gym more often in the last few weeks right after losing her virginity. Would these contribute to a late period?




Symptoms: None

Doctor: Hello,thanks for the question.Losing virginity implies either by masturbation or by intercourse. If there has been an intercourse and there has been an ejaculation of sperm or precum inside the vagina then her periods may get missed due to pregnancy.once the pregnancy is ruled out then delay can br safely attributed to psychological and physical stressirs which her work or daily schedule depicts.firstly rule out pregnancyvwitha urine preg test after 7 days of missed periods.I hope i have answered your query in detail.wishing you health.regards


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