Period has been late for 1 month, i am 22

Patient: My period is one month late. I went to the gyno and he took a blood test for hormone levels and thyroid test. He also took a pap smear that was normal. I am not pregnant. I called back for the results and the assistant said no need to get another appointment, just get birth control. That I might have a cyst. The doctor didn’t bother to follow up with me or explain anything. I am worried because this is the first time in my life that my period is so late. Could it be something serious?

Symptoms: Missed period

Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.Since you are certain that there is no chance of pregnancy, and you have run a few tests i ncluding a pap smear, and the assistant said there is nothing to worry, I suggest you not worry for now.By cyst, he would have meant polycystic ovaries may be. The causes for missing a period in your age most commonly is polycystic ovarian disorder, thyroid or prolactin hormone changes or even stress related causes.If he has suggested to take birth control , it is one of the treatment for Polycystic ovaries, where there is a hormonal imbalance, affecting ovulation and having multiple cysts in ovaries, causing delayed cycles, weight gain and hair growth over the body eventually.Birth control pills for 3 months will help regularizing your cycles and reducing the condition and symptoms.It is ideal you take an appointment with the gynecologist and sort it out clearly as to what the diagnosis is and accordingly start you on the right medication, not relying on over something said over a phone. There is nothing much to worry, hormonal supplements will regularize the cycle.It is not something dangerousHope this helpedRegards