August 15, 2018

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Periods and Heavy Blood Loss

Patient: Hello,This is about my Mother – Age 51 and she is having her periods with very heavy blood loss, body pain and very ill.could you please tell whats going on, as because the report says everything is fine ( but, my doctor says for surgical procedure ). I’m very scared please help.



Symptoms: After a thorough diagnosis the report came as :–
LIVER: measure 17.6cms, Enlarged, No I.H.B.D
PORTAL VEIN:Normal In Caliber
GALL BLADDER: Well distended with normal walls, No Calculi pericholecystic fluid
COMMON BILE DUCT: Normal in caliber
PANCREAS: Normal in size
AORTA, IVC & para aortic areas are normal
SPLEEN : Normal in size (11.8cms)
KIDNEYS: Both Normal, No Evidence of calculi
URINARY BLADDER: Well distended with normal walls. No Evidence of calculi growth
UTERUS: Measure 127 x 79 x73 mms, enlarged in size and shows ill defined endomyometrial junction and heterogenous myometrium , combined endometrial thickness is normal
OVARIES: Not Visualised, however bilateral adnexa clear
OTHERS: No evidence of any free fluid in peritoneal cavity
IMPRESSION : Enlarged uterus showing ill defined endomyometrial junction and heterogenous myometrium -s/o Adenomyosis.



Doctor: Hello ,If she is experiencing heavy menses in her perimenopausal age group and the ultrasound shows enlarged uterus wi th ill defined endomyometrial junction then there exists a possibility of an endometrial cancer which needs to be ruled out . This can be done by getting an endometrial biopsy from inside uterus by either a curettage or with the help of pipette and then subjecting it to histopathological examination for evidence of any adenocarcinoma.I hope i have answered your query,regards


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