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Periods due in 2 weeks, can I do a pregnancy test?

Patient: I am 22 years old i think i maybe pregpregnant, my and my partner had sex the beginning of februrary but i had a period but it only lasted for a day and wasnt a heavy as it usually is and they normally last for 3 to 4 days i also have not had much of an appetite, when i do eat i feel sick and have had a headache for the past few days, i have been getting period time pain cramps but my period isnt due for another 2 weeks could i be preganant? i am going to buy a pregancny test on tuesday to find out for certain




Doctor: I do understand your concern, based on symptoms alone it is really difficult for a doctor to say whether you are pregnan t or not. Pregnancy tests are pretty standard. Since your periods arn’t due for another two weeks, I would recommend that you put off testing until you have crossed your due date. If a test is done too early, the results may not be accurate. I wish you well, take care.


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