Permanent Digestive damage from Antibiotic/Probiotic?

Patient: Hello, recently I been diagnosed with tonsilitis they put me on clarithromycin and a pro biotic. After 5 doses of Clarithromycin I was unable to keep any fluids down throwing up all day and having to rest to help tame severe abdominal pains. Eating has become a chore and it’s been close to a week since I been like this. The more physical activity my stomach feels in pain. I can’t eat a lot or anything without upsetting my stomach. I get a lot of gas and have trouble going to the bathroom but I do manage to defecate every so often (days) I’m worried that I may not of had an allergic reaction that it could be something else. Or maybe one of the things I took led to some permanent damage.

Symptoms: Vomiting, fatigue, yellow stool, extreme abdominal pain