Persistant Ankle Swelling

Patient: Hello,I had a grade 3 ankle sprain over 7 months ago to my right ankle. It was treated with about 2 months of rest with a walking boot, and physical therapy for another 2 months. However the swelling persisted and the ankle got progressivley worst as the day went on. I got a second opinion and after doing an MRI, he said I had a stress fracture in my lower tibial bone. After 1 month in a walking boot and 2 months on cruthces with a hard cast, my ankle is still swollen and gets progressively worst as the day goes on. It has now been 31 weeks since the injury happened. When I wake up, the swelling (which occurs on the ball of my ankle and more towards the top) is not too bad and there is minimal pain. By the end of the day however the swelling and pain is back. Please let me know if I should give it more time by rehabbing it, or if I need to go get a third opinion and consider surgery.ThanksParker Hodges