Persistant plantars wart and treatment

Patient: Hi, my name is Kevin. I am a 48yr. old male and have had a plantars wart on my foot for years.I asked a dr. about it a long time ago and he said try Dr.Scholls wart remover stuff.I did,a few times.It didn’t work,so I just keep cutting it off with my nail clippers when it starts to bother me. The dr. made so light of it I’ve never really worried about it I have a second one,on the other foot.And now my wife also has one on her foot,which she blames on me.Now I’m laid off,haven’t had insurance in years,and don’t have lots of money.Is there any cheap,easy way to get rid of these things permanently and do they pose a serious health problem?Thank you.

Doctor: There is a substance called compound W which has been proven to be helpful to reduce plantar warts. You can try the same . Also at your doctors office you could get liquid nitrogen therapy done however this will need more than one sitting. There are other more expencesive methods like laser etc too. All the best.