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Persistent cold with mild fever

Patient: I am having mild fever around 99.5 F for the last 2 weeks. It started with cold, after 4 days, had fever around 101.8 for 2 days, fever went away. I had mild cold and mild cough. fever back at 99.5 levels since then mild cold and mild cough persisting.



Symptoms: Symptoms: Slight cough, clear discharge from nose occasionally, mild fever 99.5



Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.You may have one of the following:Viral feverThroat infectionAsthmaBronchitisT uberculosisYou can attempt home treatment by:Drinking lots of waterParacetamol 4 times a day to control the feverCetirizine once a day to control the nasal dripAdequate sleepSteam inhalationIf you do not feel better and cough does not stop in 3 days, see a Doctor for antibiotics. Also, see a Doctor as soon as possible if you get yellow coloured sputum.Please feel free to ask follow up questions about your condition.Wishing you a quick recovery.

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Patient: Fever is not constant. This all started with sudden onset of cold, fever appeared after 2 days. I did not take any medication except paracetamol (only when there is a temperature). The temperature keeps varying. The nasal discharge and the sputum are clear. I get episodes of cough which last a few weeks twice a year. I hope this might help in narrowing down the diagnosis.

Doctor: Thank you for writing back.
There has been a change in weather in India which has lead to an increase in common cold. Since you have clear sputum, a bacterial infection is unlikely.
A viral fever takes 7 days to recover with or without medication. This is because it is self-limited and cannot grow beyond a point. Since you have this every month, I think it has to do with atopy and allergy to dust as well.
You can try the following:
Cover your nose and mouth in dusty places.
Drink lots of water to promote movement of cilia
Have lot of fruits containing Vitamin A, C and E
Sleep and eat at regular times in a day
These should help you prevent diseases in the future. Also, Levocetirizine is essential as cold is your first symptom. If the cold becomes more common, see a Doctor for specific lung tests and Asthma medication if needed.
All the best.


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