Persistent facial swelling on right side

Patient: Hi, about 5 months ago i noticed that the right side of my face seemed swollen. Over that time, the area under my eyes has become more and more puffy looking and I’m not sure whats causing it. I got a cat a little before that and have always been a little allergic to them. Could that be the cause? I’ve been taking allergy medicine everyday. I’ve also heard that the liver could possibly be responsible for something like this. Any help would be much appreciated.(The 1st picture is of the swelling on my right side and the 2nd is the side that hasnt been affected.)




Symptoms: Facial swelling, puffiness and facial drooping

Persistent facial swelling ...-1 Persistent facial swelling ...-1


Doctor: Although, a full face pic would have been ideal to assess the asymmetry of the face on the right side, however, with you r description it appears that you could be suffering from Angioedema. Such swellings are non-painful and usually develop over a few minutes to hours, subsequent to a contact with an environmental or food allergen. But, similar swellings when painful or associated with fever or deviation of mouth to one side may have a different clinical diagnosis. You will require certain investigations and a thorough clinical evaluation by a General Physician for proper diagnosis and management.


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