Persistent flu after 2 antibiotics and more than 1.5 month

Patient: Looking for advice on what seems to be some kind of flu. I have been in Poland from Dec to Feb this year and around January 25ish I started feeling week, seemed like regular cold(dry cough, back pain, headache, tingly feeling in throat, feeling tired, 37 – 37.2 o Celcius fever ). So stayed home drunk vitamins, alka seltzer(aspirin) and other over the counter meds. More then week later nothing helped so I went to doctor in Poland. Got syrup (Tussidrill (Dextromethorphani hydrobromidum)(5 mg / 5 ml), for a week and antibiotic with that (Unidox Solutab – Doxycyclinum) for week as well, doctor was listening to lungs and did not hear anything out of ordinary. This did not help at all I still felt exactly like I did before. It was time for me to go back to US and since I was still feeling bad I went to doctor again with same symptoms and description of what I did before. (got blood work and chest x-ray done) doctor was again listening to lungs and did not hear anything out of ordinary as well. However I got my second antibiotic called augmentin for 10 days along with Pro-air HFA aerosol to use when needed. After about 4-5 days I started to feel great and it seemed like it passed and on 7th day I went for checkup with doctor and bloodwork and xray came back saying that everything is normal (cholesterol a little high) and nothing in lungs. After finishing antibiotic on 12th or 13th day all symptoms started to come back. I drunk 12 hr mucinex pill for cough that did not have any effect other than making piss smell really bad and burned tip bad so I never took it again and burning went away with drinking a lot of water, cranberry juice and uroFuraginum (furaginum 50mg) as recommendation from family. The initial symptoms still remain and I do not know what to try next.


Symptoms: Dry cough, back pain, headache, tingly feeling in throat, feeling tired, 37 – 37.2 o Celcius fever, sneezing

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The symptoms look like an allergic bronchitis or pharyngitis rather than a bacterial on e which may not need any further antibiotics. It is mostly due to a prodrome following a viral infection. The best thing is a symptomatic treatment. Whenever you feel a throat irritation try warm salt water gargles, three to four times a day. Drink plenty of water daily and also avoid cold food and chilled beverages. Avoid all the trigger factors that you may be allergic to. Consult a surgeon to rule out gastritis and gastro esophageal reflux. Adequate sleep and a healthy diet avoiding oily food, smoking and alcohol will help you. You should give it some more time. It will settle down.Hope this helped.Regards


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Patient: Hi thanks for the answer, my throat is not sore. it feels more like itchy or tingly like i had feather inside that is provoking this cough i have. I sometimes drink antihistamine to rule out allergies but it doesn’t seem to help or change symptoms. I will try your suggestions and hopefully It’ll get better.

Doctor: Hello,
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