Persistent mucous in bowel movements

Patient: Sir, i am 21 years old. i have a problem of stomach.when i go for potty ,mucous comes out in my potty and my stomach is not clear.i feel like i have to for potty all the time .the problem has been emerging since 7 has first emerged when i started dieting at 14 as i was fatty.but after dieting although i was slim but mucous start to come out and it continues,my stomach is not clear.i have consult many doctors but still i have,please help me so that this problem can be cured immediately as possible

Doctor: Persistent mucous in bowel movements can often be related to irritable bowel syndrome but potentially can be caused by a number of disorders including: a gastro-intestinal infection by bacteria, viruses or parasites, an inflammatory bowel disorder, malabsorption syndromes, or in some rare circumstances due to a malignant growth of the gastro-intestinal tract. I advise you attend your family doctor for a detailed history and physical examination. He will be able to perform some routine blood tests, take a stool sample and exclude many of the above causes, and provide some symptomatic relief.