Persistent pain in both legs when walking

Patient: My symptoms are pain in the calves in both legs when walking . Short rest I can walk again for a little while, then they give out again. I have already gone to a vascular doctor and had test for any blockages in my legs, also, a heart cath and other tests. Nothing is showing up on any of these tests, meanwhile my legs keep getting worse with any kind of walking, or being on my feet for an extended time. It is very frustrating. Any suggestions as what to do next ?

Doctor: There are many causes of non-traumatic leg pain. Pain in the legs may be present because of several conditions that may affect joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, skin or nerves. So as you see there is a vast array of diseases that can be causing the symptoms that you described, the good part is that PAD has being ruled out by the vascular doctor, so we still have to rule out other important causes of leg pain: as nerve compression at the lumbar level of the spine, and also you are diabetic, what you describe may be symptom of a possible diabetic neuropathic pain. After your doctors rule out those causes, just remain if you can relate those pains with a physical stress that you might have done, give it a try with anti inflammatory medication for one week (Advil, Motrin). And finally if you are overweight, try to loose weight.