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Persists at friends house

Patient: Hello i’m a thirteen year old girl and am at my friends house for the weekend but everytime i go there i get flu like symptoms for example while being there for a hour the symptoms start (never ending sneezing,runny nose, cough,mucus,) it happens everytime i go there and its horrible. i have to blow my nose more than 6 times a minute and sneeze about 6 times each 10 minutes and flem forms in my throat and i have to cough to clear my throat and when i have to get up to get something my lungs feel weird.please help me


Symptoms: coughing,sneezing,runny nose

Doctor: You are reacting to the environment at your friends place. If the house is carpeted and centrally air conditioned, likel ihood of allergy to dust mites or molds is high. Ideally, you should avoid visiting her house and seek your local Allergist’s opinion regarding ‘Skin Prick Test’ to confirm Dust Mite/ Mold Allergy. In many cases, environmental control measures along with Antihistaminic Therapy proves to be of great benefit. However, in some severe cases, Immunotherapy may also be considered.


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