Personalized guidance for obesity

Patient: Hello Doctor,I am a 23 year old male from India. I have weight issues. Couple of times have lost weight and then put on again. currently my weight is around 105-110 kg. I was around 95 kg almost a year ago after few months of gym n exercise. But left gym because i was busy in college as it was my last year engineering. Tgen for a brief period i used to drink and smoke a lot and was mostly at home and in little stress for personal reason.Now i have stopped drinking for last 3 months… only twice on special occasion… but avoid it… althogh i do smoke sometime.Also i would like to add that this weight issue is also kind of runs on my mother side.But now this year I am determined and very motivated from within to loose weight and get into the perfect shape i always wanted to achieve. My height is 6ft…so according to BMR i should atleast attain 80-85 kg weight.I need your kind advice and suggestions to achieve my goal as soon as possible.I have started dieting and goint join gym in couple of weeks once i am adjusted and used to my diet plan n routine.I need your advice specifically on diet i should follow.I come from traditional Indian(Maharashtrian) family so my meals have chapati (2 each meal),veg sabji(curry or dry vegetables)… i stopped eating rice long time ago… once or twice in a month i eat rice.and as popular suggestion instead of morning snack n 2 meal pattern… i am comfortable in having 2 snack n 2 small meal pattern that is eating 4 times a day.So please help me and guide me with your expertise and i also request to consider the indian eating culture while giving your valuable advice..Waiting for your reply sir,Thank You