Phimosis and surgical correction

Patient: Hello embarrassing problem I’ve never been able to pull my foreskin past the head I’ve done some research online and found out it is because the frenulum is too short I’m sure if this Obviously it’s VERY sensitive and not particularly clean under there I’m wondering if I there is a solution such as stretches that will help or will it need surgery? I’m 17 and would much prefer to keep it private

Doctor: It is most probable that you are suffering from phimosis. Phimosis is defined as an inability to retract the foreskin (p repuce). This usually due to distal scarring of the prepuce after infection and inflammation.Conservative  interventions include : Stretching exercises of the prepuce and topical corticosteroids, usually administered concomitantly with routine stretching exercises.The definite treatment is surgical circumcision. Alternative surgical procedures to circumcision include preputioplasty (surgical release of the scarred tissue), preputial balloon dilation, and various prepuce preserving plastic surgical procedures designed to widen the preputial ring.