Phimosis problem as far as my knowledge

Patient: Hello doctor,I think I have the problem of phimosis. I cannot retract my foreskin much.I have never masturbated.So just now I am aware of my condition.I can even see black spots in my glans.Can you help me please?

Symptoms: Could not retract foreskin of my penis much..

Doctor: Thank you for writing to ATD.There is not much to be done for phimosis. You need to see a Surgeon. The Surgeon will examine the penis and then tell you what needs to be done. Once the penis is examined and it is found to be a case of phimosis, the Surgeon will prep you for surgery.The Surgery will be done under local anesthesia. One type of surgery and an effective one is a circumcision. The circumcision will remove the foreskin completely. Also, this helps prevent penile cancer in the person. This is an added benefit.Never attempt to force the foreskin back as this can cause stopping of blood flow and damage your penis. The surgery can be completed in 30 minutes usually, so I advise that you get it done.Wish you a good health.