Phimosis Treatment And Care

Patient: I have had phimosis for a little over a year now, and have only just recently been made aware of my condition. Truth be told, hasn’t affected me adversely in any way, shape, or form apart from the fact that I have been unable to pull my foreskin back, at least when erect, and when flaccid, I find difficulty in pulling it back. Is there anything you can recommend for me in the way of exercises, creams and such?

Symptoms: Tightness and discomfort when pulling foreskin back

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history and understanding that you have.Since the foreskin is difficult to retract, I think it may be possible to make it more retractile.You can use a skin oil or better is the water based jelly to lubricate the glans, under the surface of the foreskin and try to retract back without force or pain. If this becomes possible, continue doing this multiple times at least once in 24 hours. You have to clean the solution after the exercise and keep the area dry and always to replace the foreskin over the glans. Never keep the skin in the retracted position otherwise it may five you a condition called paraphimosis.I hope this will be a good solution to try.If this fails, you can get the prepuce dilated under anesthesia, continue the above exercise.If this too fails, the best solution is to get a formal circumcision done.I hope this answer helps you.