Phimosis – Unable to Retract Foreskin

Patient: Hi, my partner is 53 and recently has problems with his foreskin , it has gone tight and almost strangles his penis when erect and becomes sore. we have not had a regular sex life these last few years He can pull it back over the head of the penis, but it is really tight on the shaft

Doctor: The most probable cause of your partner not being able to retract his foreskin is phimosis. This is a common problem and could be the result of a chronic infection of the skin sheath due to posthitis and balanitis and inflammation due to forced retraction and irritants such as a soaps and creams. Treatment will depend on the cause. The non surgical treatment of phimosis includes topical steroid creams and manual stretching of the foreskin. Surgical methods consists of circumcision, slitting of the foreskin and preputioplasty.