Phisohex treatment

Patient: Hey, so i used phisohex for acne treatment, the first day i got it i used it on my chin where i had the most pimples, i don’t know if i should of washed it off after use, so i didn’t wash it off, after few minutes of use it began burn a little and turned red a little too, it said to use it 3 times daily so i used it for 2 days, i’ve seen results on the 2nd day, the pimples were almost gone so i stopped using it, it still burned a little when i touched the area, on the 3rd day i began to notice dryness on the skin and 4th day(today), my skin on the area where i put phisohex is like hard and dry and started to peel, and under the peeled, the skin is a little red and it burns, will this go away by itself in few more days? Is this normal for use of phisohex or could it be alergic reaction?

Symptoms: Redness, burning, dryness


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Patient: Its getting better i peeled of most of the skin on my chin phisohex created

Patient: that phisohex created*

Patient: It is all good now, all of the skin has peeled of:) i cant delete the question now