Physical Therapy treatment for Knee tendinitis

Patient: Hi, Recently I was diagonised with knee tendonitis. Doctor advised me to take sufficient rest and moderate amount of physiotherapy. Is it good to go for physiotherapy for this problem? I heard some conflicting views on the effectiveness of physiotherapy in curing tendonitis. My concern is some says it can worsen the pain and can have some side effects. Your valuable opinion on this matter will be much helpful for me.

Doctor: Forced movements (rotational, flex-ext) or direct blows to the knee may produce injury of the tendons, ligaments, menisc i, bones or capsule. The suggested strategy for the initial treatment of a knee tendinitis includes: use of local ice, rest, avoid painful movements and/or activities, elevation of the leg, anti-inflammatory over the counter medication (as “advil”, “motrin”) and the use of a knee immobilizer as needed. Physical therapy is very useful to manage pain and inflammation, also to regain range of movements. If all these directions are followed, then the normal function should return in few days to weeks, the healing time depends on the severity of the initial injury and on every patient in particular, but if there is still pain, swelling and/or limitation on the movements, then, I strongly recommend an evaluation by an Orthopedic Surgeon to decide about the right imaging studies to order and determine the best treatment option for you.