Pianful Acne and Pimples on face and forehead

Patient: Hello, i am a 21 Year Guy, I have been suffering from Pimples/acne over my face, The main problem is that the same pimple/acne come back again and again. Same is with my back. I have visited a Doc and was advised to use Deriva MS(Aqueous Gel), which did not helped me. Now the situation is that My cheeks and my Forehead is getting painful acne’s. One of my friend has suggested me to use Erytop Cream, should i go with it ??Or what should i do to avoid these pimples/acne ?? As the doc i visit, says that its a common problem with the age, but seriously it is not common i think as the same acne keeps on appearing on same place on my face/forehead.Please help me on this issue.Regards

Symptoms: Acne, pimples