Pics of back and right side

Patient: I bent over and my back made two loud pops.i couldnt walk at all for 3 days.the pain is in my lower back and rt side.i still have cronic pain and cant stand up staight.there is also a big lump on the rt side near middle of ribs.i thank you for any information you provide.

Doctor: Dear PatientThe information provided is not detailed enough to provide an accurate diagnosis but I can tell you som e basics of back pain.In order to treat the back pain, the cause must first be known. Possible causes include spinal injury, muscular injury, nerve injury or referred pain from injury at another site (example the ribs). Some more serious causes can include cancerous mass or spread of a cancerous growth.If you pain has not improved with rest or over the counter medications, you should see your doctor. valuable information to tell your doctor would include:description of the painlocation of the painradiation, if any, of the painrelieving factorsaggravating factorspossible mechanism of injurypast history of similar episodesBased on the answers to the above questions and the physical exam of your doctor, a treatment course can be advised.I hope you get better soon.