Pilos nidal or fistula….

Patient: Hi actually one and half year ago i got a road fight with 4 person together.when i fell down on my butt…since that time i feel very very minor pain on my butt….actually its situated where spine ends….i aint got any problem with it in my life while work or sleeping at all…but when i touch with force it pains….but now from 2 weeks there become a swelling skin.i visit here 3 hospitals …..one said that its pilosnidal….second said the same….and third said that you ve been working sitting on your butt that why you got this issue called fistula or fishoula .yeh its true that i m working everyday sitting on surface on my butt..like 3 times for almost 5 minutes …but they didnt check with any test ….they just look and touch with finger and said that you need to have operation of this….i check it with mirror and with mobile movie camera….there is no bleeding .no bruse..and no reddish skin…which are the symptoms of fistula disease or pilosnidal..can u give me better advice…i m living in kuwait…here doctors are bullshit ….not me everybody said the same…..even if you go for dental clinic …if you say that i have pain in my wisdom teeth ..they might take out your front teeths…..

Symptoms: paining while sitting and sleeping..