Pimple in armpit with pus

Patient: Dear Dr,I am having a pimple with pus (yellow reddish) in my armpit, 2 days back it was just a bump, I applied cicatrin powder once and polyfax periodically on it. Now bump is almost gone just there appeared a pus filled pimple sort from last day and it is irritating. I have continued applying polyfax on it for about a day but it didn`t get popped, guide me what should I do?Thank you

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Generally these types of pimples usually go away uncomplicated on their own in a few days. We do recommend that you not try to squeeze the area, as this can cause the skin to break and potentially expose the broken skin to infection. Please monitor the are, and observe that it is improving. If it is not improving, or getting larger and more painful, please have your doctor examine the area.Thank you for choosing aksthedoctor.com