Pimple/ingrown hairs on my cheek

Patient: I have a pimple or ingrown hair that’s been on my cheek for 2+ weeks near my mouthThere is no pus.. It doesn’t hurt.. Just embarrassed & annoyed with it… Plus I haven’t shaved my face since I noticed it

Symptoms: Barbers Itch or folliculits or something else

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.Ingrown hair can look like a small bump similar to the pimples but does not c ontain pus. It is most commonly seen in areas that are shaved often.They usually go on their own. If persisting for more than a few days there are chances it may get infected . I recommend a visit to a physician who may after careful examination and diagnosis of ingrown hair , make a small incision to free the ingrown hair. He may give certain medications containing retenoids or steroids and antibiotics in case of inflammation and infection.You can prevent an ingrown hair if you decide to use to the razor in the same direction as the hair growth, use minimum strokes, use lubricating gels and cool compress after shaving, etc.Hope this information was useful.