Pimple or herpes

Patient: IYesterday I accidentally popped a bump on my vagina on the outside lip where hair grows ( I haven’t shaved in s few weeks or about a month and a half) when I squeezed it some puss came out like what you get after popping a pimple, after that a lot of blood came out, after cleaning it up I left it alone until today it’s A whitish bump that looks like it still has puss but when I squeeze it only blood came out it’s and just one bump, that doesn’t hurt and it’s not itchy.Additional info: I have recently become sexually active ( about a month and a half ago) only one partner . I haven’t made a doctor’s offices yet cause I am a bit of a hypochondriac so I do not want to feel as though I’m bothering my doctor, right after I first had sex developed a yeast infection and wasn’t sure about it so I went to the doctors even after the diagnosis still got tested for several STDs and STI’s and came out completely clean

Symptoms: Whitish bump

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor,I understand that you have a small bump on the labia from which on squeezing pus and blood c ame. It seems like you have developed a furuncle (boil) , a bacterial infection of hair follicle. In view of the recent exposure history if I have to think of an STD which can present in a similar way , I will think of Molluscum Contagiosum. As dermatology is mainly a visual field of medicine without an opportunity to closely examine the lesion, it is rather difficult to accurately specify the condition. You might need to consider a consultation with dermatologist for diagnosis.Hope this helped,Take care and wish you good health.

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Guest: I get those all the time, they’re probably ingrown hairs. Tips to prevent them are: use single blade razors. You only need to shave over an area once! Don’t stretch the skin when shaving. EXFOLIATE! Stay in the shower and let the water run on your vagina so your hairs get soft and better to shave. If you don’t use or have shaving cream, use conditioner. & Don’t shave again until they disappear. Don’t pop anymore or you’ll get discoloration and persistent bumps in that area.