Pimple turned bad

Patient: Once in a while i get pimples in the center of my chest from drinking protein shakes for my workouts. but one particular pimple turned into something strange. At first it was hard to pop and never came to a head. Then i noticed it started growing. Never paid much attention to it and figured itll go away like most pimples i have do. 8 months later and still its here. Its dark red and hard. Feels like theyre isnt puss inside at all. doesnt hurt when i apply pressure. Funny thing is i tried to poke it with a needle to see if itll pop but its like its a growth of skin since it hurts and theres no puss. I would go to my doctorto get it checked but im to embarrassed at it lol. Also im scared he might have to cut it off. and is it possible it might be cancer or a mini tumor!? lol