Pimples and bumps on breasts.

Patient: Hello,im an overweight girl, and i have struggles with a rise of pimples all over my body. It started with many pimples on my inner thighs, and over the few years, they have increased drastically. about last year, a couple of pimples formed onto my breasts, being tempted, i popped always popped them, it has now come to the point where both my breasts are completely covered with popped pimples and scars from pimples, and it is disgusting. i really would like for the pimples to clear and the scars too, as i would hate if they damaged my body for the long run. is there a cream that will rid of the scars and these huge bumps that used to be pimples? what can i do to stop them form growing?

Symptoms: Pimples

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to ask the doctor.The common sites of pimples are face, upper chest, shoulder and back.The sites yo u have mentioned here are not usually affected by pimples.The more likely possibility as per details is folliculitis. It is bacterial infection of skin treated by oral antibiotics like cloxacillin and topical like mupirocin 2 percent cream.Still if you are sure of the diagnosis then topicals like benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin are helpful in management of pimples.Don’t popp put the pimples. Else it will leave the scars. Scars are treated by procedures like Dermaroller , CO2 laser, subcision .Visit your doctor so that he can visualise the lesions and give the prescription accordingly.You can share my opinion with your doctor.I hope it helps.Take care.