Pimples , black heads , black colour skin

Patient: I am getting many pimples on my face . and how can i make my face white in colour in few days .

Symptoms: Sneezing

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor.We are here to help you.For Pimples/Acne, treatment is given depending on the severity o f the Acne.In early stages, topical medications including Clindamycin and Benzoyl peroxide/Retinoic acid is advised.In severe cases, oral antibiotics like Doxycycline/Minocycline/ Azithromycin is also given.In cases refractory to these medications, consideration is given to start oral retinoids also after ruling out the contraindications.Color of skin can be improved slowly but not all of a sudden with various treatment modalities.You may go for Chemical peeling like Glycolic acid peel or combination peels like salicylic acid and mandelic acid peel by an expert Dermatologist.It will control both Acne and pigmentation.Share my opinion with your doctor before acting upon it.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy