Pimples on my Chin, upper lips and bottom part of my Butt

Patient: I’m a 37 years old and I have pimples on all my chin and around of my lips, 4 years ago I went to my dermatology and he gave me monodox ( pills) for a year and Ziana (cream) but I came again, I tried many natural remedies I changed my diet with no more dairy products and no more fast food and grease but it’s continue, can you help me please..

Symptoms: It’s disappear for a week and half but the rest of the month comes smalls pimples and my butt bottom part too.

Doctor: Acne vulgaris or pimples are quiet common dermatological problem in teenage. It is rarely seen after adult age group. Th e medications you use are appropriate. Along with medication prevention must be adopted like regular washing of face and affected areas, avoiding oil based ointments, avoiding diets with high glycemic index, dairy products, avoid sports wear and equipment, if known avoid drug which aggravates the condition. Prevention can reduce most of the burden if adopted regularly.