Pimples only on my chin

Patient: I’m 24 years old female and I have acne that will not go away only on my chin. After the pimples appear they take 2-3 weeks to go away and when they do I always end up with a scar. My face is very fair and sensitive and now my chin is red with scars while the rest of my face has not even one pimple. Can you please help me to solve this problem? I’ve tried many different face wash, cream and even 24 hour pimple solutions and nothing has made them go away.

Doctor: Since you have mentioned that you are on OCPs (Oral Contraceptive Pills) your acne eruptions could be due to this medica tion. OCPs are known to cause hypersecretory sebaceous glands leading to increased incidence of acne eruptions. Hence, consult your Gynecologist to offer you an alternative mode of contraception. Further, you may require oral antibiotics for sometime along with your topical treatment to get quick relief from acne.