Pinched Nerve or vascular problem in the leg?

Patient: I have what feels like a nerve being pinched in my right lower back, but as soon as i start to walk pain will start down the backs of each leg, then they cramp and the pain will not let me walk. I am only 48 and cannot walk even one block..what do i do?

Doctor: Not just the nerve compressions al the level of the lumbar spine cause the symptoms that you describe, that is a possibi lity thatdefinitely  has to be rule out first of all, but also problems on the veins produce vascular symptoms in the legs as you described. I suggest that you get a consultation with a Vascular Surgeon in order to determine the cause of your pain, you should tell your doctor what you are feeling, if you are taking contraceptive pills, if you are a smoker or if you have family history of blood clots,  because you might need a more comprehensive cardiovascular evaluation.