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Pinching sensation in Uterus… Am I pregnant?

Patient: My boyfriend and I had very short unprotected sex on the last day of my period…Dec 12 (There was only a little blood that morning but none when we had sex later that night) Then we had sex again… Dec 22 (protected) 8 days before the day I was estimated to ovulate…Dec 30th…I’m not sure if I ovulated or not. I had nausea the day after we had sex the last time and it lasted four days and it hasn’t come back. Yesterday I felt a small pinch sensation around my uterus that just lasted a second and went away. The same thing happened about 8 hours later. There has been no pinching or cramps today. What do you think my chances of being pregnant are?Thank you so much


Symptoms: Nausea, Uterine cramps

Doctor: Hello,If 12th Dec was the last day of your period then on 22 nd Dec, you would have been well withing your fertile pe riod as its 17 days post LMP when ovulation is likely to occur in a regular 28-30 day cycle.It is possible that you may be pregnant as you had unprotected sex and you may be having early pregnancy symptoms in form of nausea and early uterine cramps.It is suggested that you may get a blood serum beta hcg levels done to look for raised levels indicating pregnancy. If the levels of hcg are high, then pregnancy is confirmed but if less than 1, then its ruled out completely.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards,


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