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Patient: Hello, I’m a 14 yr old African American boy who for the past week has been experiencing pins and needles sensation on my Lower and upper back and my torso. These symptoms usually occurs when I’m in the sun or I get excited or I try to exercise, and I’ve noticed that I feel warmer than usual but my legs get really cold when I’m in a cold place. This happened to me last summer also and really ruined it for me as I couldn’t enjoy it at all, and when I went to see a doctor they said it might be a lack of vitamins, and I got medications which stopped it for the rest of the year but now it summer again and it’s and i don’t know what to do. I’ve taken antihistamines and allergy pills, but none are helping

Symptoms: Pins and needles sensation, and instead of sweating the happen

Doctor: The pins and needles sensation that you are reffering to, cannot be due to any allergic condition. Rather, it seems to b e due to a nerve condition (sensory neuropathy), which gets aggravated on exposure to sun or while exercising. At your age, it could be due to a vitamin deficiency and you may benefit by taking neurovitamins (as prescribed earlier). If there is no response to such therapy or if it becomes a recurrent phenomenon, you should consult a Neurologist for further clinical evaluation and management.

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Patient: But why can’t i sweat? instead of sweating the pins and needles sensation happens, unless i try to exercise for 10 min until i break a sweat