Pituitary adenoma affecting thyroid

Patient: Hi, I was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma in my 20’s due to a very irregular menstral cycle. I was prescribed bromocryptine which solved the menstral problems. I took this drug for 10 years. I became pregnant at 36 and had a successful pregnancy induced due to pre-acclampsia. I then became pregnant at 38 and had a stroke (CVA) at 6 weeks term. The pregancies seemed to have sorted out my menstral cycle as they are now very regular and I take no medication. I do seem to present with symptoms of an underactive thyroid gland and I am wondering if this could be an undiscovered side effect of my pituitary problem earlier which I thought were sorted out. Is is possible for adenomas to just vanish due to pregnancy or could the effects of the adenoma change therefore now effecting my thyroid?