Pituitary deficiency, late ovulation

Patient: I ovulate on 23rd day of the cycle following by a luteal phase of only 8 days. My 3rd day LH is at low limit while FSH is on high limit. Even at ovulation surge my LH does not go higher than 10 but still manages to provoke ovulation at the day 23, probably due to consecuences of macroprolactinoma operation which left me a bit defficient. After the ovulation, my progesterone rises very well including to the 1st trimester range after only 3 days. Sometimes I am with elevated basal body temperature even first 3 days into my menstrual period. Will this cause me be unable to conceive? What is the healthiest way to bring my ovulation forward?

Symptoms: Good progesterone, short luteal phase, elevated BBT at the begining of menses