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Pituitary gland partial removal results

Dear Ask The Doctor:
My uncle had a surgery a few weeks ago, he had a pea sized thing, not a tumor I'm not sure what to name it, it was pressuring the optic nerves of his, before the surgery, he used to have painful headaches and loss in sight in one eye,he lost body hair too...now, after 3 weeks of his surgery, he has his normal sight back, his body hair is growing back as he says, but he still has headaches, which r less painful then before surgery, but he still has them???? Any idea why?? And because hhe surgery was done through his nostrils, he has a little bleeding from his nose... They have seen the Dr. But they say it's normal...do you know the side effects of such a surgery, and is it normal to still have headaches?? And the drs said they removed only 10% of his pituitary gland.


Remember its only been 3 weeks after sugery. The nose bleeding and all that is normal and will probably go away with time. Same with the headaches. They will definitely improve. Just tell your uncle to hang in there. The worst part, the surgery, is over and done with.

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