Plan B

Patient: Don’t know if it’s totally sex but it did not bleed because it’s only for a short time. But here’s the thing, we didn’t use any condom or drink any pills before doing it and I am afraid if I will get pregnant? So I drank the first Yasmin pills around 7:15 pm and we did it around 12:00pm to 4:00pm in the afternoon. I read the instructions that it should be taken during the first day of the period but I was afraid I could get pregnant so I drank it awhile ago even if it wasn’t my first day. Now I think the pills is not the right one, I think the Plan B is the one because we wont do it again, but I don’t know where and what are the brand names I can choose from and if I can take it right after I took the first Yasmin pills? Please help me on what I should do and drink. Thank you.