Plan B Advice/ Information!

Patient: Okay. On April 17th, I started my period. I have always had a very short period because I don’t eat properly and am generally stressed due to school and sports. I was finished with my period, but I had a strange brown discharge for almost four days after.On April 20th around 2am, I was messing around with a guy. We didn’t have sex, but he ejaculated on my stomach after using my thighs as a way to get him off (my thighs were clamped together), then later we spooned with his penis in between my legs and pushed up toward my vagina.Almost 36 hours later, I took a Plan B pill. I did as advised and didn’t throw up at any time. I had severe headaches for two or three days about three weeks after taking it. I also noticed some lower left abdominal pain and have been really fatigued (I just wasn’t sure if that was due to me having a lot of sports and I was just tired or what). My period is supposed to happen today, May 21st, according to a period calculator I used.Around May in 2013, I was told I have something like chronic mono that hasn’t gone away and I thought this might be an issue with the fatigue previously mentioned.I am stressing out over this. I am only 16. I know this wasn’t smart, but I am still a virgin and I don’t want to take any chances. I am hoping to be overreacting and am just trying to be cautious. If someone could please help me with this, I would be forever grateful. Thanks. 🙂