Plan B and Missed Period

Patient: I am an 18 year old female. I just came off the pill Nov 25th and got my period nov 28th. I than got my period I believe Dec 24th or a day prior. I had unprotected sex on Jan 11 and 12th and took the plan b on Jan 12 (within the 1st 24 hours). I should have gotten my period this past week on Jan 19, 20 or 21 and I haven’t gotten it yet. I am stressed completely over this . I know plan b can really throw off your menstruel cycle and I dont think I was ovulating on the days of unprotected sex. What is goin on. I have had some sticky off white discharge almost light green like it seemed on my tampon. Really nervous.

Doctor: You are correct that Plan B can disrupt your cycles and your missed cycle may be due to having taken the Plan B.  When s stopping the birth control pill, it can take 3-6 months for cycles to resume to normal so this may be playing a factor.  Stress is also a significant factor in cycle regulation and your current stress is probably compounding the problem.Nonetheless, the possibility of pregnancy can not be overlooked and the timing of your sexual activity is near ovulation.  I would suggest getting a pregnancy testing kit from your local pharmacy and if there is any doubt, a blood test from your doctor.