Plan B One Step Help My Abdomen

Patient: Hello.My lower abdomen seems swollen and feels numb. I had intercourse 3 weeks ago, and the condom slipped off. I took plan b one step within 48 hrs of the incident. And received my period 2 days after taking plan b (Nov 15), when I was supposed to get it the 21st.My lower abdomen now feels numb and swollen and I’m not due go get my period until the 13th or 19th.Can plan b mess up your cycle, or am I already pregnant?

Symptoms: Symptoms: numbness, swollen, water retention.

Doctor: Hello,If you have used an emergency contraceptive pill after the intercourse and had a withdrawal bleed on 17th Novem ber , then this becomes your fresh LMP and your next menses should be due by 17/18 December. However , Plan b is known to cause delay in subsequent menses and its a known side effect. But it is always advised that if you happen to miss your periods for more than 7 days then it is better to perform a urine pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy first. If negative then you may opt to wait for 15 days post missed period to allow the menses to resume naturally.I hope i have answered your query ,wishing you good health,Regards