Plan B pill, its side effects and chance of pregnancy.

Patient: Hello,So my girlfriend, and i got physical today. There was no insertion of the penis into the vagina, but we did grind a lot with our underwear on. I did get wet, but did not ejaculate, it was only pre-cum.Then my underwear came off and there was grinding again, but she had her underwear on. There might have been a small period of time when my penis did touch her vagina as her panty slid off. a littleI did not ejaculate at all until this, so there was no contact of my ejaculated sperm with her vagina, but what i am worried about its the pre cum that might have made contact.We’re really worried and shes considering taking an emergency contraceptive pill. She is very concerned about the side effects. I was wondering if you could help me more and tell me if the side effects are dangerous or how long the nausea would last?or if there is a chance of pregnancy considering what ever happened?Her periods ended 4 days ago and she has a regular menstrual cycle and is 20 years old.

Doctor: Hello,If her periods have ended just 4 days ago then it is likely that she is in her safe period when ovulation has n ot occurred and in absence of any ovulation there can be no fertilisation and hence no pregnancy. considering the fact that you both dry grinder with clothes on and the concern is that pre-cum may have touched the vagina and there was no ejaculation or even any penetration, then there is actually no need to be concerned in safe period. She would not get pregnant and there is no need of taking an emergency contraceptive pill at all.An emergency contraceptive pill if taken generally ensues menses or withdrawal bleed within 7-10 days of intake and can cause premenstrual symptoms like nausea, headache, mood swings, sore breasts after its use, but they subside with onset of the bleed. Also, another must common side effect is delayed next 2-3 periods by about 10-15 days, so one needs to keep that in mind.I hope I have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards