Plan B Should be Taken Within the First 24 to 72 hours After Sex

Patient: Hi I am 18 years old and am not on birth contro my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex March the 4th he did not ejaculate in me or at all im sure there is no way im pregnant but I was curious if there s a pill I could take just to be safe. Thank You p.s i should be getting my period i a week just want to know if theres a pill ncazs you never know

Doctor: I understand your concern about possible pregnancy. There are mediations that you can take to make sure you don’t get pr pregnant if a risk for it were present. One of the most popular is called Plan B and should be taken within the first 24 to 72 hours post conception to get better results. Unfortunately you are now 7 days post intercourse and the pill should not be taken by now.Since you are sure that you will not become pregnant this time and if you would like to prevent future unwanted pregnancies, you might want to consult your primary care physician for more information about contraception.He or she will gladly explain to you all the options and suggest the best one for you. I wish you the best.