Plan B taken one day after period had ended.

Patient: Hello, my girlfriend and I had protected sex on July 9th, which was the day after her period had ended, unfortunately the condom broke and sperm came in contact with her so within 30 minutes she took the Plan B One Step pill and we were just wondering if she will be expecting her period around the same time which is in the first 4 days of a month?Thank you.

Doctor: Condom accidents are common. Whenever in doubt it is safer to use an emergency contraceptive or morning after pill.Yo u did the right thing by using an emergency contraceptive pill immediately after the accident.These pills can be used until 72 hours after the intercourse and are fairly reliable in preventing an unwanted pregnancy. However, as as result of the hormones in these pills there are certain changes in the lining of the uterus that may cause your period to start early or get delayed.Do not get stressed about any change in the cycle timing as the effects are temporary and the subsequent cycles shall be normal. However, just in case there is a delay of more than a week, it would be wise to do a home pregnancy test to rule out a failure of the pills.