Plan to Repair Tilted Pelvic

Patient: I need advice and a plan to repair my tilted pelvic. What can I do to repair a higher right side compared to the left? In addition, how can I determine if I may have an anterior tilted pelvic as well? (FYI: I also have x-ray images to show my condition.)

Symptoms: Feeling uncomfortable sitting down (usually after 5 mins), lying down on back is uncomfortable, lying to the left side is more comfortable than right side, have trouble falling asleep quickly, feel fatigue if I sit for a long time (ie long drives), right leg feel uncomfortable after a long walk, pain in the right leg.

Plan to Repair Tilted Pelvic-1 Plan to Repair Tilted Pelvic-1 Plan to Repair Tilted Pelvic-1

Doctor: Thank you for your question.Although not mentioned, I will assume you were not born with this condition and that the re was no recent trauma or motor vehicle accident to cause this.If the above statements are correct, the problem is entirely caused by muscular imbalance. This problem can be corrected with regular physiotherapy or chiropractic therapy for up to 3 months.After therapy, regular exercise or yoga will be required to prevent muscle asymmetry.