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Plantar Wart on my foot.

Patient: Hello! I got this infection on my foot and I don’t know what’s it’s called because it is my first time having that. It all just started when a something like a small boil appeared on the sole area between the big toe and the next toe. Thinking I can remove it, I removed some of the thick skin using a nipper and that’s my biggest mistake. Days/weeks passed and when that area became painful upon being pressed hardly unto something. I search for foot infections on Google and what I have looks like “Plantars Wart” because it thickens and there’s like red/black dots in it. I already have that just few months and nothing happens just like what I read about it but it doesn’t go away or heal. I now searched for cures for this and I tried putting some anti-fungal creams and nothing happens. Even if I just let it be, it just thickens up and that’s all.Please help me how to remove this because it is very unpleasant in my foot and because it hurts when it got pressed. Is there any remedy for this to be gone without surgery??



Symptoms: Thickening of skin on that area (callus/corn), red/black spots in it, painful when hardly pressed



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for your query on ATD. It appears that you are having planter wart. it is an infection of virus. Usually, it is a painful condition. It will not get cured by any cream or ointment. However, you may try salycylic acid plaster K/A corn caps.If you do not get relief kindly consult your dermatologist who will cauterize the wart by any means.Hope it helped you.

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Patient: I did a lots of research on plantar warts and is it true that it can heal as time pass by? Because as of today, it is now flat but still thick and not bulged and thick like before. Also it is not painful anymore when pressed.
I will also try salicylic acid or salicylic acid corn caps if it still did not go away. Thanks for the advice/answer for my problem! 🙂


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