Plantar warts

Patient: I think that I have 2 plantar warts on the bottom of one foot. Should I see a GP or a podiatrist or a dermatologist for removal of plantar warts?

Doctor: Hello, I understand your concern about possible plantar Warts and treatment.  I will suggest you to consult a Dermatolog gist to confirm the diagnosis and to rule out other possibilities first. In many cases plantar warts don’t usually need treatment as they can disappear by themselves with time, but if pain and spread are noticed, treatment might be needed.If Warts were the final diagnosis, your Dermatologist will evaluate them and depending on the size and depth of the possible warts, he will choose the right treatment.If they were only superficial, he might only treat you with Salicylic Acid which you will have to apply daily on them or if they were profound and enlarged in size he might freeze them with liquid nitrogen or shave them. I wish you the best.