Plantar Warts: Other Options for Treatment

Patient: I’m 14 years old and I have had a verucca on my toe for 3 nearly 4 years.I’ve treated it with duct tape, liquid nitrogen home freezing sprays, salicylic acid and even banana skins and nail varnish! About a year ago I went to my doctor and he said it would clear up eventually. So I left it alone and I noticed more were appearing and I now have a cluster of 18-19 veruccas. So I went back to the doctor and he said he would not treat me and told me to carry on doing home treatments. These have not helped at all and more verrucas are appearing,this is really affecting me and it is very embarassing, what can I do?

Doctor: Verruca aka warts usually tend to recur. That could be the reason why your doctor asked you to continue with the home tr eatments. If you want, you may continue with the home treatments since most of them are the first line treatmenrts, or go back to your doctor and ask to be referred to a dermatologist. They are experts with regards to this and they will know more about other options: laser therapy, cryosurgery, intralesional treatment, etc. This way, you can be reassessed and you can discuss with the dermatologist which treatment is best for you. I hope this helps.